Hole-by-Hole Tips

Pine Valley is a scenic golf course that rewards the player who regards accuracy and course management as a way to produce consistently low scores. The following is a brief description of how PGA of Canada professional, Don Allman, suggest what to look for in playing each hole.

Front 9

A tee shot with a mid to long iron will put you at the corner of this tree-lined dogleg left, par 4, setting up a short iron approach to the green.

Favour the left centre of the fairway with a driver or fairway wood to set up a short iron approach. Missing the green left or long will result in a difficult pitch shot.

Check the flag for wind direction and using a mid iron, play to the left centre of this green.

Finding the fairway on this short par 5 with OB right and dense pines left will reward you with a mid to long iron approach to a hidden green.

A solid long iron or fairway wood will be needed to hit this small green guarded by water on both sides. The timid golfer will lay up with a short iron in hopes of a one putt par.

But the thrill is to go for it!

This hole provides a spectacular view from the tee. The long hitter will try to clear the hill and have a level lie in the right centre of the fairway.

Another tree-lined fairway requiring 200 yard tee shot left centre of the fairway to give you a good view of the green for your second shot.

From the back tee, a 210 yard tee shot will leave you in perfect position at the corner of this sharp dog leg right.

A mid iron favouring the right side of this slightly elevated green is key to a good score.

Back 9

You’ll have to fly your tee shot 240 yard to carry the trees on the right. Your reward is perfect position to approach this left to right sloping green.

Hit one more club than you think on this hole with only the flag visible from the tee. With big tree trouble left favour the right side of the green.

The long hitters can drive the green when a following wind blows but others will take the safe route and land a long iron in this tree-lined fairway.

Go for the green if you wish but missing left will usually produce a bogey or worse.

A smooth swing with a short iron should give all players a good birdie chance.

All important is an accurate tee shot to this tree-line fairway. Leave yourself a full wedge second shot.

Club selection is all important. Check the wind direction carefully and avoid a tough pitch from behind the green.

Favouring the right side of the green will leave you an easier uphill putt for birdie.

Your tee shot should find the right side of the relatively wide fairway. The long hitters will drive left centre. This is a tough green to hit, being narrow from front to back. Favour the front half to give yourself an easier uphill putt for your final birdie of the day.

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